Hydra-Cool Vest

The Hydra-Cool Vest is a hydration system specifically designed to evenly distribute weight over the torso, whilst also providing the capacity to cool or heat the body using what is known as combination therapy. 

In hot environments, the Hydra-Cool Vest can be filled with suitable fluids and then frozen before being worn. It has a capacity of up to 2L and once frozen will stay cool for up to 70 minutes, providing external cooling in a similar way to an ice vest. The vest has been designed to conform to the shape of the wearer even when frozen, maximising contact with the body. Once the fluid thaws, it is available to be consumed, and the cold temperature of the fluid provides internal cooling in combination with the external cooling. Alternatively the vest can be filled with a cold fluid or slushy mixture to provide cooling and hydration without the need to freeze the vest. 

The vest can also be used in cold environments and filled with warm fluid and by using the same external and internal combination therapy can be used to increase the core body temperature of the user.